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An OMS favorite! Slipstream Fins are made with monoprene creating a lightweight but high performance fin.  Made with a spring heel strap, Slipstream Fins give divers an easy donning fin that will also “deliver the goods” in any condition.  The light weight helps to keep the divers legs in optimal position when a low-silting kick is necessary and is also optimal for divers reduce damage while working around sensitive marine areas like coral reefs.

Ocean Management Systems, better known as OMS, is pleased to announce that the ever popular Slipstream Fins are back!

SlipStream FinsLooking for a lightweight, high performance fin? You’ll be pleased to know that Slipstream fins, the divers choice with Technical and Wreck divers, are now in stock and available for purchase.

You’ll enjoy this lightweight fin made with Monoprene resin – a thermoplastic elastomer. While it looks and performs like rubber; its lighter weight makes it a superior choice for many reasons.

Today’s divers are environmentally conscious and the Slipstream fin has a lower impact on the ecosystem. This is because the lighter weight assists the diver’s ability to keep their feet up and off the bottom. This is especially desirable when swimming over a reef or coral. Photographers love this fin as it helps keep their fins off the bottom so they don’t disturb the sand helping them get that perfect shot.

Technical, wreck and high performance divers often prefer a low-silting kick and the Slipstream fins are ideal. This is what is termed ‘keeping your fins in the water column’. Slipstream fins will improve your dive and overall dive performance.

Another huge advantage to the Slipstream fins is that they are ideal for travel. Whether you are a recreational, technical, or wreck diver, when you travel you face luggage weight restrictions. Slipstreams are a smart option to help you.

Spring Heels

Spring Heel Straps by OMS

OMS made the Slipstream Fins even better because they now come standard withSpring Heel Straps.

Ever forget to adjust your fin strap before donning your dive gloves? Break a rubber fin buckle or strap? Get your gloves caught in your fin strap? Concerned about entanglement issues or line traps? You’ll really enjoy the Spring Heel Straps that now come standard on all Slipstream Fins.
Spring Heels are a non-adjustable, comfortable, stainless steel spring strap which are convered in durable yet pliable nylon. This unique attachment mechanism is low profile, which prevents entanglement in inline traps. The straps automatically adjust to the diver’s feet and also automatically adjust at depth for compression. You’ll feel secure and safe while diving with Spring Heel Straps.

Spring Heel Straps are also available for separate purchase. These can easily be fitted on most dive fins or you can purchase a different size if needed on your Slipstream fins.

Ready to purchase Slipstream Fins? These are available at an OMS Dealer or online.

The world’s best dive: the OMS Slipstream is back!


  • Made with Monoprene
  • Includes Spring Heel Straps
  • Excellent Performance
  • Lightweight

L   =   2.25 lbs with Spring Heel / 4.5 lbs pair
XL =   2.55 lbs with Spring Heel / 5.1 lbs pair
XXL = 2.95 lbs with Spring Heel / 5.9 lbs pair

SlipStream Fin Sizing

What Size Fins Do I Need?

This can be challenging as a persons shoe size is only part of the answer. What a person is wearing on their foot plays the biggest role. For example, wetsuit boots come in a wide range of thicknesses from ultra thin to 8mm thick. They also come with different types of soles including soft, hard and even a tennis shoe-type sole. Drysuits have all different types of boots with different soles, lengths, heights and widths and then combine them with the virtually limitless types of insulation worn underneath. And finally no matter what “should” fit is over shadowed by what feels right to you as the diver.

At OMS we strive to provide you with the most accurate sizing information possible. Therefore we have focused on what we know best which is the OMS Drysuit SuperFlex Boot and DUI RockBoot. We suggest that if you do not know, you are welcome to purchase more than one size and return the size you do not want, however you will be responsible for the return shipping charge. Simply return the unused pair of fins in their original packaging within 30 days and you will receive a full credit. The best option is to purchase your OMS SlipStream Fins from a professional OMS dive center.


OMS Drysuit SuperFlex Boot Size SM-LG LG-XXL XXL-3XL  
Fin Size LG XL XXL  
DUI RockBoot Size 4-9 10-12 13-15  
Fin Size XL XXL N/A  

Part Numbers

12318001  LG

12318002  XL

12318002  XXL

EAN Numbers

4,251,088,251,075  LG

4,251,088,251,082  XL

4,251,088,251,099  XXL

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