Apollo AV2 Evolution Water Scooter w/saddle

Apollo AV2 Evolution Water Scooter
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  • Material: shock resistant ABS resin body
  • Motor: 262W Aluminum DC brushless
  • Decelerator: Reduction planet gear
  • Outer Dimensions: 28.5 x 13.5"
  • Surface weight: Ni-MH 45 / SLA 48 lbs.
  • Submerged weight: Ni-MH 0.5 / SLA 3.3 lbs.
  • Speed: 0 - 2.6 mph
  • Battery: Interchangeable 13A Lead-acid & 20A Ni-MH
  • Normal capacity: 10 - 20Ah (DC24V)
  • Continuous cruise time in open water: 70 - 110 minutes
  • Average cruising range in open water: 2.25 - 4.5 miles
  • Speed control: Progressive acceleration system at trigger with use of saddle and 3-speed pitch propellor
  • Thermal switch protection - auto shut off if overheating occurs
  • Heat radiation: Aluminum gear case and plate
  • L.E.D. Battery life indicator
  • Depth rated: 230 feet
  • Dimensions of boxed vehicle set: 34"H x 18"L x 18"W / Wt 62 - 64 lbs
  • NATO/National Stock Number 4220-66-158-6194 (AV2E Black)
  • NATO/National Stock Number 6140-66-158-6195 (NiMH Battery)
  • NATO/National Stock Number 6130-66-158-6196 (NiMH Charger)

Watch video on how to straddle the saddle!


AV-2 Performance Review

Ernie Bourne, Pacific Offshore Divers

Earnie Bourne, Pacific Offshore DiversPacific Offshore Divers, inc. took the AV-2 Demonstration unit with both types of batteries to the Channel Islands, October 7-9, 2005. The trip was a store sponsored dive with the objective of catching lobsters. The unit was expected to have a lot of use!

We dove the AV-2 alternating between both the Ni-MH and SLA batteries. During the dives a battery was always on charge so that the unit was ready to go on subsequent dives. Since most of the dives were 70 fsw or less our surface intervals were averaging approximately 45 minutes between dives (with stops for lunch, etc).

The first day I put 7 dives on the AV-2. The speed was set on #2 as this provides a good moderate speed against most currents or swell. The unit performed Excellent! the difference in torque [compared to AV-1] is very apparent. At no time did I feel a drop in power on either type of battey even with a sustained run time of 45 minutes (the unit would last longer except my air wouldn't on a single tank!). I was tempted to not charge the Ni-MH battery between dives to see if I could get several dives on it. I have no doubt that it would have performed fine, however I decided to charge the battery as I like having enough power to get back to the boat.

Subsequent dives over the next 2 days were excellent. The unit allowed us to cover a much larger area. On one dive, I surfaced and found the boat was a good half-mile away. Since I already had a 45 minute run time on the battery, I hoped at this point it would get me back to the boat. I was not disappointed! It brought me back through the current and swell to the swim platform in no time at all.

Observations. A. Read the manual. B. When on a vessel, between dives, lay the unit down. If one leaves it standing, the motion of the ocean may topple it over and cause damage. C. Use a plastic tub with fresh water to lay the unit in. D. Do not get in a hurry installing or changing out the batteries. Keep all water off the batteries, compartment, and charging units. Dry your hands to keep water from dripping on them.

In consideration of the AV-2 as another dive accessory, so to speak, I highly recommend it. The diver will have much more energy at the end of each dive... I should know! Having made 20 plus dives in two and a half days and wanting to go for more... ain't too bad for a 57 year old diver.

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