BOAT TICKET: Wreck called the Midnight Hour & WestEnd Catalina Reefs 07/03/2021 7:00AM 3 Dives - Magician Dive Boat

BOAT TICKET: Wreck called the Midnight Hour & WestEnd Catalina Reefs 07/03/2021 7:00AM 3 Dives - Magician Dive Boat

Magician 07/03/21
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BOAT TICKET: Wreck called the Midnight Hour & WestEnd Catalina Reefs 05/01/2021 7:00AM 3 Dives - Magician Dive Boat

2020 Diving the Wreck of the Midnight Hour at Catalina from That Video Guy on Vimeo.


Boarding: Arrive 45 minutes before departure, check-in with divemaster (host), show certification card and come fully prepared with all equipment. Please be neat and tidy on the ship. 

Cancellation Policy: Zero refund within the 7 days of departure date. 

Dive Sites: Sites are to be determined by "BEST CONDITIONS". Water visibility, tides, current, surge, swell and wind control site location. 
Hunting: Spear-guns are not allowed. Responsible lobster grabbers ok. 

Gratuity Rule: If you like'd the service you received, enjoyed the food and crew smelled good,... TIP THEM! Universal, global, traditional gratuity rate is $5.00 each dive per person. Example: 3 dive day= $15 in the tip jar. 
Directions: Directions to local dive boats  Directions will also be a Download Option on your email receipt. 

Equipment: You are responsible for all your own equipment, personal items (be neat & tidy), and equipment operating properly. Rental gear is not available on-board ships. Back-up gear is for enrolled students only. 
Rental: Come fully prepared with all your gear for a fun-filled day of diving. If your need to rent, go to Eco Dive Center the day before and have this filled out and ready... PDF Rental Form
Waiver: Your email receipt will have a download link for the required boat waiver that needs to be completed and ready and hand to the Divemaster.  Here's a link PDF Boat Waiver .
Minors: Parent or legal guardian need to board ship and complete roster and waivers before departure. 


The Magician Dive Boat is a staple to the Southern California dive community. The boat is a fast, sleek-hulled 65 foot Passenger/sport ocean going vessel certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The Magician has a hot shower, a galley that seats 22, air conditioned bunks for 22 people, spacious fore and aft sun decks for relaxing on the upper deck in between dives.

 Personal Items Each diver or passenger should provide his/her own personal items/toiletries for their trip, (i.e., towels, bathing suits, comb, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.) Each head contains a shower with a Hair and Body Shampoo dispenser for your convenience. Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers are also provided in each head for your convenience. If you tend to get queasy, don’t forget your seasick medication! The MAGICIAN normally carries a supply of aspirin/ibuprofen, and has a fully stocked first-aid kit in case of emergencies.

 Equipment Please be sure to bring all the necessary dive gear for your trip including tanks, weights and your 'C' Card, a Dive Computer is highly recommended. It is also recommended that you bring normal safety equipment like: Dive Alert, Safety Sausage and a Whistle. Eco-Friendly Light Sticks are required for Night Diving and can be purchased from the shop. If you need rental equipment, feel free to inquire with the shop at 1-310-398-5759.
Air / Nitrox Fills All of our trips (unless otherwise specified) include air fills. The MAGICIAN is able to fill all tanks, including high-pressure tanks, up to 3000 PSI. The MAGICIAN is equipped with a DNAx Membrane System, which currently produces Nitrox blends at 32%. Because we are not blending with 100% oxygen, O2 clean tanks are NOT required. Nitrox fills are extra.
Bunk Room The MAGICIAN provides both single and double bunks, sleeping up to 22 people. Single bunks are provided with one pillow and one blanket. Double bunks are provided with two pillows and two blankets. Each bunk has its own privacy curtain. Passengers are welcome to bring a sleeping bag or extra pillows/blankets for their comfort. In order to keep our bunkroom dry and comfortable, no wet bathing suits, wetsuits or wet dive equipment is permitted below decks. We do have 110 outlets available in the bunk room. Please check the Bunk Assignment sheet before you settle into a bunk. We recommend that all single passengers (those traveling alone) take a single bunk and couples (or those who don't mind bunking together) take a double bunk.
 Food and Beverages All of our trips (unless otherwise specified) include food and non-alcoholic beverages. A soda machine is provided for your convenience and also dispenses filtered water. Milk, juice, coffee and other hot beverages are also available. Passengers are welcome to bring along their own alcoholic beverages. However, we request that you bring your own ice and cooler to store them in. For those passengers with special diets (i.e., vegetarian), please be sure to inform our Chef as soon as you board or first thing in the morning so that we can accommodate your dietary needs.
Storing Your Equipment The MAGICIAN provides tanks racks along the sides and middle section of the back deck. Dive bags and/or dive storage containers can be stored underneath the benches and along the front of the boat. If you are not sure, please ask a crew member to assist you. Please do not leave any dive gear on top of the center console on the back deck. The MAGICIAN is not responsible for any lost or stolen item from the boat. All unclaimed dive equipment and/or other miscellaneous items left aboard the MAGICIAN for more than 30 days will be discarded. We do not have enough storage to hold all unclaimed items for more than 30 days. Left aboard items such as clothing will be donated to local charities. Please be sure to check for your personal items and dive equipment before you leave the boat.
 Parking You may park in the loading zones ONLY to load/unload your gear. Once you have loaded/unloaded your gear, park in the spaces closest to the street that you came in on and the parking is free. Please do not park in the red zones to load/unload your gear. We have provided dock carts for your convenience. Please return them to the dock when you are done with them.
Camera / Video Equipment
 Cameras and video equipment are welcome aboard. There is a large fresh water rinse tank for your convenience. There is also a charging station located in the Galley. 
 Left Aboards  are only kept for 30 days after each trip. Any unclaimed left aboard items will be donated to a local charity after 30 days.
 Schedule Changes due to Weather All destinations and departure times are subject to change depending decisions made by the Captain on weather and sea conditions . Unfortunately, we are not able to predict what the weather will be like for an upcoming trip. The crossing to the islands may be rough, but there are many places the boat can hide from the weather so that your diving is still enjoyable. The Captain will not place the passengers or the boat in danger. The local marine forecast is checked prior to the departure of all trips, unfortunately, as with any weather forecast, conditions can change in a matter of minutes. The Captain will make the final determination as to the destination and departure times, for the safety of all aboard.

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