Enriched Air / Nitrox Diver Certification Course - 3 Options

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Difficulty Level: 0 (super easy)

Requirements: Complete online course, come visit for analyzing gas and processing cert card. 

More bottom time? Yes please! It always seems like the best dives have to end early.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a magical gas that could give you longer no-stop bottom times when dive planning?  Well there is!  It goes by many names: Nitrox or Enriched Air.  
There's a big reason why the Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver Course is the most popular specialty and often the very first specialty divers choose to earn after certification. It’s all about more bottom time.

Diving nitrox allows you to get the most out of a day of scuba diving—you can stay underwater longer and get back into the water sooner. Many people also find that diving with nitrox lets them feel less tired at the end of the day!  This gives you more time enjoying your vacation, and less time resting in the hotel. 

What is it? Enriched air/nitrox is a gas blend with a higher percentage of oxygen than regular air. Diving with nitrox, your no-stop limits can increase tremendously particularly in the 40-80 foot range, where most recreational diving takes place.  Many dive computers can be easily set to enriched air/Nitrox.  

The All-Inclusive Course: In the online Enriched Air/Nitrox certification course you’ll learn how to select the best mixture for your planned depth, how to analyze the
mixture for safety and how to decide your oxygen exposure limits after each dive. You will also learn about the special equipment concerns that arise when you’re using higher oxygen percentages. The online course Enriched Air / Nitrox Course teaches you how to plan Nitrox dives, to take into consideration both nitrogen and oxygen exposure limits, calculate maximum operating depths (MOD) and much more.


  • Online eLearning Lesson (1-2 hours)
  • 30min in-store review & GasChek lesson
  • Lifetime Nitrox Certification Card 
  • Free SDI Nitrox course if you buy a computer:)

Tuition (Three Options):  
a. $185 for PADI Version (recreational) 
b. $129 for SDI Version (recreational)
c. $149 for TDI Version (advanced/technical)


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