Magician Dive Boat

141 W 22nd Street (22nd Street Sport Fishing Landing), San Pedro CA-90731

Magician Dive Boat

The Magician Dive Boat is a staple to the Southern California dive community. The boat is a fast, sleek-hulled 65 foot Passenger/sport ocean going vessel certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The Magician has a hot shower, a galley that seats 22, air conditioned bunks for 22 people, spacious fore and aft sun decks for relaxing on the upper deck in between dives.

General Information:

Length Over All: 65ft
Bunks: Sleeps 22
Gases Available: Air included, Nitrox available for additional fee (see below)

Tanks and Weights—Does the MAGICIAN provide tanks and weights? Divers bring their own weights and one full tank to start. We will re-fill the tanks after each dive.

Parking—Is there a cost for parking?

FREE PARKING is available at three convenient areas located near the MAGICIAN site. You can unload your gear near the dock and then park your car across the street from 22nd Street Landing for FREE!

C-Card—What documents do I need in order to dive on the MAGICIAN? Every diver on the MAGICIAN must show our divemaster a certification card (C-card) from a recognized agency in order to SCUBA dive with us as well as an advanced certification card when required for advanced dive destinations. Those diving on Nitrox must also have a Nitrox (Enriched Air) certification card in their possession in order for us to be able to fill their tanks with Nitrox.

Equipment—What equipment should I bring? Our divers bring all of their gear necessary for a safe and enjoyable dive outing, including a tank, weights, C-Card and dive computer. For our advanced dives a safety sausage and a whistle will be required. A light is also recommended.

Cameras—Do you have a camera rinse? Yes. There is a camera rinse bucket on the back deck located between the two gates.

Boarding—When can I board the boat? You are welcome to board the boat one hour before your scheduled departure time.

Liability and Assumption of Risk—Will I be required to sign any papers before I go on the trip? Yes! Every passenger on the boat, whether or not diving, is required to sign a Dive Trip Assumption of Risk and Travel Release of Liability form that we provide to you in the Galley when you board.

Weather—What if there is a schedule change due to weather conditions? We work hard to minimize the effects of the weather on our diving plans! The weather is unpredictable and the crossing to the islands can be rough at times, but once at the islands there are many places where we can tuck in to hide from the weather so that your diving is still enjoyable. Be assured that the captain will not place his passengers, his crew, or his boat in danger, he will make the final determination about destination and departure times for the safety of all on board.

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