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PADI Divemaster certification course is the first step in becoming a dive leader in the scuba world and getting paid for what you love to do. Divemaster Candidates will be challenged to not only be better divers themselves, but to serve as an example for newer divers to follow. Our Divemaster certification course at our Los Angeles scuba diving school is built to take you to the next level of diving, and many professional divers will tell you that it’s the divemaster course than really separates the casual from the committed.

DMCs assist instructors with classes and are given a hands on experience of what it takes to be a dive professional. 

Here are some key points to consider about the PADI Divemaster certification course:

  1. Leadership Skills: The Divemaster course focuses on developing leadership skills. As a Divemaster, you'll be expected to guide and supervise other divers, assist with training, and handle various diving scenarios. This requires a strong understanding of diving principles, excellent problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills.

  2. Experience and Knowledge: The course typically involves a combination of classroom sessions, practical exercises, and real-world diving experience. You'll deepen your understanding of dive theory, enhance your rescue skills, and gain practical experience in organizing and leading dives.

  3. Responsibility and Safety: Divemasters play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of themselves and other divers. The course emphasizes risk management, emergency response, and the ability to make sound decisions in challenging situations.

  4. Professionalism: Completing the Divemaster course signifies a commitment to professionalism in the diving industry. Divemasters are often employed in dive centers and resorts to lead dives, assist with training courses, and provide guidance to divers of various experience levels.

  5. Preparation for Instructor Level: For those aspiring to become scuba instructors, the Divemaster certification is a prerequisite. It provides a solid foundation for further professional development and training.

  6. Networking and Community: Engaging with instructors, fellow Divemaster candidates, and the broader diving community during the course can open up opportunities for networking and mentorship. Learning from experienced professionals in the industry can be invaluable.

  7. Equipment and Dive Planning: Divemasters are expected to have a thorough knowledge of dive equipment, as well as the ability to plan and organize dives. This includes understanding dive tables, dive computers, and ensuring that all safety protocols are followed.

  8. Physical Fitness: Being a Divemaster can be physically demanding, as you may need to assist divers in and out of the water, perform rescues, and navigate various underwater conditions. Maintaining good physical fitness is important.

Remember that the journey to becoming a Divemaster is not just about obtaining a certification; it's about developing the skills and mindset required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all divers. Enjoy the process, stay curious, and embrace the responsibilities that come with being a dive leader. Good luck on your diving journey!

Prerequisites: Rescue diver, EFR, Medical signed, 40 dives, 18yrs old

Includes: Everything needed to pass! Comes with the PADI eLearning code and pro media, pool sessions, classroom sessions and all ocean sessions.

What can Divemasters do? Work at local dive centers, on live-aboard dive boats and resort locations, Assist Instructors with students, Lead Scuba Divers on guided dive tours , Teach Discovery programs, Conduct Scuba Review programs for certified divers, Lead certified divers on local diving experiences, Get a job abroad & Get keyman pro deals. 

Topics include: Physics, Physiology, Diving Equipment, Supervising Certified Divers, Risk management, Business of Diving, Diving Career, Role of the Divemaster, Supervising Students in Training, Skills and Environment, and the Recreational Dive Planner, and the Theory of Diving. 
Waterman-ship and skills assessment include: 400yd swim, 800yd snorkel/fin swim, 100yd tired diver tow, 15 minute tread water, basic skills circuit, rescue practice & evaluation and buddy breathing equipment exchange.  

Congratulations on deciding on becoming a PADI professional. 

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