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Suunto Vyper Novo Air Integrated Wrist Computer

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The Suunto Vyper Air is the first of the wireless air integration series of dive computers from Suunto and allows a diver to monitor their air/gas consumption easily from their wrist (if purchased with the optional transmitter). This computer also has Suunto's new 3D compass, allowing a diver the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees from horizontal and still get super accurate direction results in an easy to read display.

The Vyper Air has a dot matrix display, this is a new feature on the large (puck style) Suunto computers. The modern display again makes it easier to see and read all the available information from your deco device. This computer has Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes and allows gas switching to up to 2 deco gas. For divers using enriched air, the Suunto Vyper Air can be programmed in one percent increments for nitrox mixtures between 21 and 100 percent oxygen. Divers can also adjust oxygen partial pressure between 0.5 and 1.6 in 0.1 unit increments.

This computer is programmed with the excellent Suunto Deep Stop RGBM algorithm, a tried and tested decompression model that has been verified over millions of dives. It allows continuous decompression and has been created to give optimal ascent times to a decoing diver. The Deep Stop option adds an additional level of safety with a series of deep stops between a divers maximum depth and ceiling. The Suunto Vyper Air also boasts a built  in dive simulator, allowing divers to test potential dives before dropping into the water. It features large digits and a Matrix display that clearly shows critical dive information including dive profile graphs. After the dive, you can download the data to your PC and easily maintain a detailed logbook if you buy the optional discounted interface.


  • Wireless air integration when purchased with the Suunto Transmitter
    Suunto Vyper Air Overview
    Spec Vyper Air D6i Comparison
    Size (Diameter) 60 mm 45mm
    Weight 138 g 110g
    Display Type Dot Matrix LCD Dot Matrix LCD
    Display Light Yes Yes
    Nitrox Mode Yes, 21-99% Yes 21-99%
    Trimix Mode No No
    No. Of Gases 2 2
    Gauge/Freediving Yes Yes
    Deco Algorithm Suunto RGBM Suunto RGBM
    Compass Yes Yes
    Wireless Transmitter Optional Extra Optional Exra
    PC/MAC Interface Yes Optional Extra
    User Changeable Battery Yes No
    Helium Mode No No
  • 3D Electronic compass that works even when tilted
  • Simple design of the user interface with a matrix display and easy to remember buttons
  • Three dive modes and gas-switching capability
  • The continuous deco Suunto RGBM algorithm
  • Dive simulator to plan future dives
  • Optional PC interface with a graphical logbook allowing dive data analysis (when purchased with the PC Interface)
  • Wrist or console mounted for added flexibility

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