Used, Buy, Trade-ins

Get rid of scuba gear? We Can Buy, Sell or Trade-up your old dive stuff.

buy  Found your dad's old regulator lying around in storage? 
Has it been a couple of years since you serviced your gear and living in fear of the costs to keep an old, out-date regulator functioning? 

  Maybe getting some new dive equipment is the right answer. Eco Dive Center will trade-in your old equipment and get you suited up in state-of-the-art gear at an unbeatable price. But if you aren't ready to commit just yet, that's fine, too!  
   There's never been a better or easier solution to that old equipment lying around the house. And if your old gear and the inches of dust represent the years its been since your last dive, bring it in and we'll give you FREE rental equipment and a FREE SCUBA Tune-Up too.
Drop your gear off for testing at 4027.5 Sepulveda Blvd West Los Angeles 90232