Welcome to our scuba diver events page, where the ocean meets excitement and every dive is an unforgettable adventure! 
Get ready to explore a world beneath the waves like never before!
Join our vibrant community of scuba enthusiasts and water lovers for a series of events that will have you counting down the days until your next underwater escapade.

If you're a diver, join us for any of the listed events!

You see...
1. First Tuesday of the month we have a "Diver Nite", it's basically a party with special guests and free BBQ. 
2. Our Annual Underwater Santa Monica Pier Clean Up Dive.
3. PADI Specialties of the Month, some times two advanced level courses in a month. 
4. Weekly Wednesday night beach dives at Redondo Beach with fellow certified divers.
5. Annual Bonfire Party at Dock Wieler Beach behind LAX airport. 
6. Tropical group trips to exotic locations. Save huge since you're traveling in a group. 
7. Local specialty dive excursions, like oil rigs, walls and pinnacles. 
8. Large group over-nite adventures to Casino Point, Catalina. 
9. Weekend "Boot Camp" type courses, you'll earn 2-4 specialties in one weekend. 
10. Special seminars like fish dissection courses by marine biologists. And, touch tanks by Heal the Bay. 
11. Beach clean ups/bar hopper events at our adopted beach El Segundo Beach in the South Bay.
12. Rescue Diver certification dates.
13. Professional level orientation nights. 
14. Group tropical trip orientation nights.
15. Free annual tank inspection days. 
16. Open dive boat trips to the Channel Islands , like Catalina Island, Anacapa Island and Santa Cruz Island. 
17. San Diego "Wreck Alley" diving trips.
18. Special pool training days for dive virgins.