Reef Point at Laguna Beach, CA

Reef Point, located in Laguna Beach California, offers a prime example of a healthy, thriving, Rocky Reef in Orange County. You pay for parking, make the hike down the trail and do a medium length surface swim you will be rewarded with a healthy reef, curious fish and a super rad dive! Fish such as Garibaldi, Blacksmith, Sand Bass, Senoritas and Blue Banded Gobies are easily spotted along with Bats Rays in the sandy areas. Octopus, Blennies, Moray Eels and Nudibranchs are commonly found on the reef. The rocky reef has tons of structure with walls, swim throughs and plenty of beautiful Gorgonians. The back wall of the reef has Zoanthid Anemones. Reef Point is located half way between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. Difficulty Level 9/10.

Interests: Garibaldi, Blacksmith, Sand Bass, Senoritas and Blue Banded Gobys are easily spotted along with Bats Rays in the sandy areas. Octopus, Blennies, Moray Eels and Nudibranchs, swim-throughs and Gorgonians. The back wall has Zoanthid Anemones.

Entry & Exits: Use prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up. Use cation when traversing the rocky pebbles and boulders at the cove. Only divers with rocky entry experience should attempt this site! This site is also prone to high surf and mild currents.

Suggestions-1: Always dive with a buddy and check conditions before you go.

Suggestions-2: Keep a weather eye out for Blenneys along the front wall and Tylodina Fungina Nudibranch, which feeds on the yellow sulfur sponge. Large piles of shells identifys a possible home for an Octopus or other predator.

Best time to Dive: During small - flat South Swells and High Tide.

: 10ft - 35ft

Warnings: The extremely difficult hike to and from the Rocky Entry, along with long surface swims and mild currents make it a poor choice for Beginner or Intermediate Beach divers. Difficulty Level 9/10; Caution, care and prudent judgement is advised!

Depth Recommendations: 30 - 40ft is where most of the points of interest are for this site. Maximum depth should not exceed 60ft for this dive site.

Safety: Use of a Float, Flag, Anchor and Descent line are required for Beach Diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.

Parking: Parking is $10 (free if you get there early), and rarely fills up due to the large lot.