La Jolla Cove, San Diego, CA

La Jolla Cove is a amazing dive spot for diving near San Diego, CA. It's bustling with Marine Life and activity every day of the week. A healthy, thick Kelp Forrest, nearly every fish listed on the Pacific Inshore Fish Guide and relatively easy access make this popular site a regular weekend destination. The downsides are that parking is more times than not, very hard to come by. The visibility can sometimes be poor or bad in the late Winter and early Spring. Difficulty Level 5/10.

Interests: Large numbers of Black Sea Bass are spotted here over the Summer and Fall. Soupfin Sharks, Barracuda and Leopard Sharks are occassionally spotted here during Fall and early Winter. Horn sharks, Guitarfish, Bat Rays, Navanax, Octopus, Kelpfish and various Pacific Inshore and Reef fish such as Garibaldi, Kelp Bass, Bluebanded Goby and Opaleye are common sights here.

Entry & Exits: A walk down a short flight of stairs, across a smooth Sandy Beach and a surf entry applicable to current conditions.

Suggestions for site: Enter from the beach and surface swim out to the reef.

Best time to Dive: During small North-West swells. Increased Marine Life activity through the Summer and Fall. Perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up.

Visibility: 10-30ft


Warnings: Use prudent judgement when Beach Diving, perform an environmental assessment of the area before you gear up.

Depth recommendations: 70 - 100ft is where most of the points of interest are for this site. 100 ft is recommended maximum depth for this dive site.

Safety: Use of float, flag, anchor and descent line are required for beach diving. Cell Phone, Oxygen Kit and First Aid Kit are always recommended.