Rentals & Repairs


 Day of rental pickup = No Charge.
 Additional days = 1/2 of daily rate


Day Price Additional

Complete SCUBA System: BCD w/weight system, SPG, Compass, Computer, Wetsuit, Hooded Vest, Weights, Tank and Mesh Bag.

$80.00  $40.00
 Smelly Gear Fee (please return clean)
 Regulator Set w/Dive Computer
$30.00  $15.00
 Tank (Steel or Aluminum)
$20.00  $10.00
 Nitrox Tank with 32% Enriched Air $20.00  $10.00
 Nitrox Tank with 40% Enriched Air $25.00  $10.00
 Wetsuit (7mm think jumpsuit)
$20.00  $10.00
 Hooded Vest $10.00  $5.00
$20.00  $10.00
 Mesh bag
$10.00  $5.00
$20.00   $10.00



Rental Requirements:

1. Proof of Certification
2. Drivers Lic & CC deposit
3. Demonstrate the ability to build scuba diving system.
4. Bring back equipment rinsed and clean to avoid a cleaning fee.



Scuba repairs


REGULATOR LABOR (parts not included unless covered by warranty)

1st Stage Only $45.00
2nd Stage Only $45.00
Octopus Only $45.00
1st & 2nd Stage $90.00
1st, 2nd, & Octopus $135.00
Alternate Inflator Regulator $45.00
O2 Cleaning 1st Stage $35.00
Spare Air $50.00

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (parts not included)

BCD Inflator $25.00
SPG Service Only $15.00
Computer Battery Change Call for Quote
Quick-Disconnect Service $10.00

    If you have a Quick-Disconnect for your computer, please SEND your computer.

TANK VALVE SERVICES (parts not included)

DIN Valve $25.00
K Valve $25.00
J Valve $30.00
Twin Manifold $40.00
Valve O2 Cleaning $25.00


NOTE: Equipment turn around time is Thursday night to Thursday night. It's possible for delay during holidays and peak seasons.



Fill Station

We're proud to provide LA's dive community with the best quality breathing air and nitrox! Our compressor systems are certified with "above standard" specifications and are rated O2 clean (OCA). We have double the required filtration with an additional medical grade filter thus producing Oxygen Clean Air and Nitrox. Our MaxAir Argon is boosted in to your drysuit Argon tanks via trans-filling, 1500psi to 2200psi. Our Haskel Booster is to make sure your high pressure steel cylinders are filled to maximum capacity including your 10% over-fill rated tanks by Luxfer Hymark. We have three Bauer Compressors (K15, K12 and a Mariner for redundancy) to fill our 60 300cf storage bottles and 36 300cf Nitrox storage bottles. Okay, enough bragging about our gas system, let's go dive with confidence and knowing you got some good quality gas;) Scuba tank fill station
General rules for fills...

  • Bring your certification from any agency, PADI, SSI, SDI, TDI, CMAS, NAUI
  • If your tank needs a "Hydro" test or "Viz", we can do that too:)
  • Log your Nitrox fills in our logbook
  • Don't bring us crusty beat up tanks to fill
  • Air, Nitrox 32% and Argon are immediate on the spot fills as you wait 
  • Custom blends require overnight stay
  • Abandon your tank for more than 14 days, it becomes ours.


  • Air-fill (medical grade) $7.oo or $12 for double tanks (twins)
  • 32% Nitrox up to 80cf $12.oo
  • 32% Nirox up to 120cf tank $16.00
  • 36% Nitrox up to 80cf $18.oo
  • 36% Nitrox up to 120cf tank $22.oo
  • $15 for Rescue Oxygen Kit Fill (free fills for life if you bought your DAN kit from us)


Why Us

  • Accurate fills
  • Competitive pricing
  • Medical Oxygen