PADI Open Water Diver Certification

When you start your PADI Open Water Diver certification course with us, you learn more than a new set of skills. You learn how to navigate your way through a whole new environment (underwater!), and how to do so safely and with excitement. You master the basic fundamentals and then build upon them gradually so you don't feel rushed. 

Instead, you'll feel confident, comfortable and feel like you were taught proper etiquette.

Be prepared to laugh and smile a lot, and don't be surprised if you come away absolutely thrilled--scuba diving does that to people.

Our Promise & Guarantee:  We guarantee to give you the most adventurous and educational scuba experience possible. When you complete your training with us, you will be a confident and well-trained diver ready to explore the underwater world. We're dedicated to educating divers and protecting the aquatic environment--so besides the basics, you will also be taught buoyancy skills and fish identification to aid you in becoming a more knowledgeable and confident diver.

Level: The PADI Open Water Diver certification is recommended to never exceed 60ft, your recreational limit is 130ft, you must always dive with a buddy & never explore solo, log all dives for proof of experience, eligible to enroll in the advanced diver program or specialty courses. 

Total Commitment: Two full consecutive weekends +10 hours of online homework.
When: Courses start every weekend all year around and yes YOU CAN break the two weekends apart. (but not recommended & subject to break-up fee). 
Schedule:  2-4 days prior to the start, your instructor will text you the exact schedule, reminders, directions to boat dock and parking info.   


Includes: .
1. Online PADI eLearning Open Water Diver code

2. Lifetime PADI Open Water Diver certification card.
3. TWO ISLAND BOAT TICKETS INCLUDED (no one else does this)
4. All Scuba equipment rentals

5. All required lessons taught by our top-rated, fun & safe instructors.

Why Us? 
1. No difficult beach dives during training, it's all easy and beautiful island diving off our large ships.

2. Quality instruction by highly ranked professionals. Look at our Yelp reviews and compare. 
3. New modern online academics. 
4. Most popular and active dive community.
5. 18 years in business with great reputation.
6. Friendly, fun & professional instructors. 
7. Our primary focus is to teach you how to boat dive since 99% of your travels will be boat diving. 
8. New modern rental gear with dive computers.
9. We won't surprise you with additional hidden costs like our competition does. 

finger-right.png This entire course is FREE with purchase of Head-to-Toe Scuba Diving System finger-left.png