Point Dume Pinnacles in Malibu, CA.

Point Dune

Point Dume "Pinnacles" is one of the best beach dives in Southern California but it's also one of the most advanced. Both of the towering Pinnacles break the surface of the water and cascade down to 50ft! Sea-lions & Seals often accompany divers on their dives. It offers some of the best visibility for diving in Malibu and a vast spectrum of marine-life!

Difficulty Level is 8/10

Interests: The beautiful Pinnacles are covered with life; Lobster, Horn Sharks, Rockfish, Lingcod, Cabezon, Treefish, Spanish shawl, Bats Rays, Angel Sharks and Torpedo Rays are common sites. More often than not, you can find Sea lions, Dolphins, and Whales roaming the area. Nearby in the sand are beautiful Sand Dollar beds.

Rocky shore entry so time your dives right. 

Be prepared for a long swim out and back. The Pinnacles look closer than they really are. At high tide one of the two pinnacles can be submerged. The swim can take 10-15 minutes each way; use extreme caution and apply prudent judgement.

Visibility: 20 - 40ft

Warnings: There are coves on both sides of the pinnacles in case the current is too strong to return to the parking lot. Avoid diving when the wind is strong due to long-shore currents. 

 Directions: Click on map for GOOGLE MAP directions 


Parking is $10 and can fill up quickly on Weekends