Santa Rosa Island, CA.

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 34.3 Miles SW203' of Santa Barbara
Scuba Santa Rosa Island
 By boat only. Larger dive boats suggested like the Truth, Pacific Star and Magician. 

Depths: 40-200ft
Photography: Worth it! Long trip but awesome. 

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To the east lies nearby Santa Rosa Island, another fine area to explore. Another favorite site is Bee Rock, a remote pinnacle that is excellent for photography. San Miguel and Santa Rosa are the two western most, and most exposed, of the Northern Channel Islands. 

What to expect at Santa Rosa Island 
White sand beaches, rolling grasslands, canyon groves of Oak, Ironwood and Torrey Pines, seals, island foxes, elk, dear and over 195 species of birds are some of the many surprises awaiting your discovery as you explore Santa Rosa Island. Your time ashore can be spent on a nature hike (led by a National Park Service Ranger), exploring the shoreline, or simply relaxing in the serenity of this distinct isle. Your cruise to and from the island will be highlighted with frequent sightings of marine mammals (Humpbacks and Blue Whales. June thru September) and a spectacular view of Painted Cave on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island. (Channel crossing takes 3 1/2 hrs.) 1rosa5.jpg

Dive Spot At - A - Glance

  • Location: The north side of the West End of Santa Rosa Island.
  • Access: Dive boat only.
  • Skill Level: advanced beginner to intermediate
  • Visibility: Generally good, 30 to 80 feet.
  • Depths: 40 to 140 feet.
  • Photography: Good wide-angle photography of kelp beds and big animals. Good macro for nudibranchs and other invertebrate