XCEL Men's Comp X Five Finger Glove (4mm, 2mm)

XCEL Comp X Five Finger Glove (4mm, 2mm)

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Introducing the Men's Comp X Five Finger Glove by Xcel – the ultimate glove for water sports enthusiasts who demand performance, flexibility, and warmth. Designed for the modern surfer and diver, these gloves are an essential part of your gear, blending innovative technology with a practical design to enhance your experience in the water.

Key Features:

  • Superior Flexibility: Utilizing Xcel's advanced material technology, these gloves offer exceptional flexibility, allowing for maximum dexterity and ease of movement in the water.

  • Thermal Lining: Equipped with a high-quality thermal lining, the Comp X gloves retain heat efficiently, keeping your hands warm even in colder waters. This feature is ideal for extending your time in the water comfortably.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the gloves are built to withstand the rigors of frequent use in various water conditions, from surfing to diving.

  • Seamless Palm Design: The unique seamless palm design enhances grip and reduces bulk, giving you better control over your surfboard, paddle, or dive equipment.

  • Water-Tight Seals: Designed to minimize water entry, these gloves feature water-tight seals that maintain warmth and comfort, even in choppy waters.

  • Easy to Wear: The gloves are designed with an easy entry system, making them simple to put on and take off, without sacrificing a secure fit.

Sizes & Fit:

Available in a range of sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for every hand shape. Consult our sizing chart to find the perfect size for you.

Care Instructions:

Rinse the gloves in fresh water after each use and allow them to air dry away from direct sunlight. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives to ensure the longevity of the gloves.


Whether you're taking on the waves or exploring underwater worlds, the Men's Comp X Five Finger Glove by Xcel offers the perfect combination of warmth, flexibility, and durability. Elevate your water sports experience with gloves designed to perform.



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