Humboldt Dive Boat

BOAT TICKET: Yukon Destroyer Shipwreck 08/14/2022 8:00AM 2 Wreck Dives - Humboldt Dive Boat

Humboldt 08/14/2022
Open Boat
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Buying Tickets: Each diver must purchase their own ticket online or call 1-888-728-2252 when buying for multipule tickets. 
Boarding: Arrive 45 minutes before departure, check-in with divemaster, show certification card and come fully prepared with all equipment.
Cancellation Policy: Zero refund within the 7 days of departure date. 
Dive Sites: Sites are to be determined by the Captain's "BEST CONDITIONS CHOICE". Based on water visibility, tide, current, surge, swell and wind. 
Hunting: Spear-guns are not allowed. Responsible lobster grabbers ok. 
Gratuity: If you like'd the service you received, enjoyed the food and hard work, please tip them.
Equipment: You are responsible for all your own equipment & personal items. Rental gear is not available on-board ships. 
Rental: Come fully prepared with all your gear for a fun-filled day of diving. If your need to rent equipment, go to your local dive center the day before.
Waivers: The host divemaster will have documents to complete. 
Minors: Parent or legal guardian need to board ship and complete documents.
Meals: Sorry but it's boat food, so don't expect anything gourmet. If you have a specialized meal plan, please bring your own. 
Seasick? Please purchase motion sickness meds from your local drugstore if needed.
Directions: Directions to local dive boats 



  • Extra-large back deck
  • Hardtop second deck
  • Enclosed cabin and galley
  • Double soup heaters
  • Metal benches and tables
  • Low-hanging double ladders
  • Bathroom with marine toilet
  • Outside hot-water shower
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Onboard air compressor
Brand/Model 2007 Newton 46' Dive Special
Lenght 50 ft Overall
Official capacity 30 Passengers
Our capacity 24 guests / 18 divers
Engines 2 Inboard John Deere 6081s
Horsepower 2 x 375 HP
Fuel Diesel




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