DAN DUAL Rescue Pk Extended Care 601-3000

DAN DUAL Rescue Pk Extended Care 601-3000

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Dive-related injuries, including lung barotrauma, decompression illness, and near drowning, can significantly impair a diver's oxygen metabolism. Offering emergency oxygen at concentrations nearing 100 percent becomes crucial in minimizing damage to oxygen-deprived tissues. This proactive measure not only makes a substantial difference in the injured diver's immediate condition but also enhances their responsiveness to subsequent medical treatment.

In the realm of diving, assistance may not always be readily available, especially in remote locations. To be well-prepared for emergencies, consider the DAN Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care Oxygen Unit. With an approximate supply of 52 minutes of oxygen, this kit emerges as a vital resource that could play a pivotal role in improving the condition of a fellow diver afflicted with decompression illness or other diving-related injuries.

The DAN Dual Rescue Pak stands as a beacon of preparedness, offering a tangible means to address critical situations in challenging environments. Investing in this oxygen unit is not just a precaution; it's a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of your diving companions, ensuring that even in the remotest locations, you possess the tools to respond effectively to unforeseen emergencies. Dive with confidence, knowing you have the DAN Dual Rescue Pak at your side, ready to make a significant impact in critical moments.

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Oxygen, water and food are necessary for life, and of the three, the lack of oxygen will lead to death most rapidly. Dive injuries such as lung barotrauma, decompression illness and near drowning decrease a diver’s ability to metabolize oxygen.

Providing emergency oxygen at concentrations nearing 100 percent can reduce damage to oxygen starved tissues, making a dramatic difference in the injured divers’ conditions, and improving their response to further medical treatment.

When diving, help is not always close by. If you are diving in a remote location, be prepared to respond to an emergency with the DAN Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care Oxygen Unit. With approximately 104 minutes supply of oxygen, this kit could improve the condition of a friend or family member suffering from decompression illness or other diving related injuries.

Proper training is required to administer oxygen. To find an instructor near you, visit DAN Training


Kit details:

This unit holds approximately 104 minutes of delivery time @ 12 liters per minute.

M22 Cylinder: 636 liters/22.85 cu. ft.

Brass multi-function regulator with 2 DISS threaded outlets, 1 barbed constant flow outlet, and 1 pressure gauge in psi.

Thermoplastic demand valve, maintenance and corrosion free, with quick connect fitting.

6 ft oxygen hose with stainless steel end connections; 1 DISS connector, 1 quick connect fitting

Note: This hose is not interchangeable with versions requiring DISS connectors on both ends 

Unit dimensions: 23.25 x 20.75 x 9 inches

Weight: 39 pounds


Kit includes:

  • 1- Waterproof Extended Case
  • 1- Brass multifunction regulator
  • 1- Demand valve with 6 ft quick connect green hose
  • 2- Jumbo D (M22) cylinders - Green (636 liters/22.85 cu. ft. each)
  • 2- Non-Rebreather mask
  • 1- Oronasal resuscitation mask
  • 1- Handwheel Wrench
  • 1- O2 Assembly Slate


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