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The O2ptima is an electronically controlled closed circuit rebreather (eCCR). When we created the O2ptima the design parameters were simple; keep the breathing loop as short as possible, use state of the art proven electronics, and be able to use the MicroPore Extendair cartridge without extra o-rings or adapters. In the end, we were able to achieve these goals while making the O2ptima one of the smallest rebreathers suitable for cave exploration. The fact it was designed for cave exploration means it has redundancy options suited for remote environments. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, so in addition to standard features there are a number of options to ensure a proper fit for the person and mission.



The O2ptima CCR is powered by Shearwater electronics. Utilizing Shearwater’s DiveCan technology, the O2ptima comes standard with a Petrel 2 controller and an independent Heads-up Display (HUD). The standard HUD can also be replaced by Shearwater’s NERD computer.
The controller and HUD have separate control boards, housings and power supplies. Redundancy is separation with as few shared components as possible. The O2ptima uses four Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD cells (sometimes called R22 cells).Three cells are in the voting logic for the controller. The controller looks at three cells and uses the two cells with the closest reading to fire the solenoid. The fourth cell is the number three position on the HUD so there is one cell out of the voting logic loop.



The O2ptima CCR utilizes a horizontal scrubber behind the diver’s head. This design reduces the length of the breathing loop compared to other rebreathers on the market. The reduced length is due to the fact that gas does not have to be pushed down a diver’s back and returned over your shoulder for every breath. The shortened breathing loop also means the O2ptima can use smaller, more flexible hoses.

The scrubber canister accepts the MicroPore Extendair cartridge or 5 pounds of granular sorb. The canister is made from an Acetal Copolymer; this means it is not affected by the caustic nature of the CO2 scrubbing media.

A water trap in the scrubber end cap and screen in the exhalation tee piece, help prevent water from reaching the scrubbing material. With the scrubber sitting at the apex of the loop, it makes it more difficult for water to sit and decreases the possibility of water being pushed through the loop unexpectedly when a diver goes head down. A smaller loop makes detecting any possible water easier.





The O2ptima CCR has the option for either front mounted or back mounted counterlungs.

The front mounted over the shoulder style counterlungs come in two size options, a 5 liter(L) set (2.5L per lung) or a 6liter(L) set (3L per lung). Both offer exceptional work of breathing (WOB) when mounted properly to the harness. The inhalation lung has a manual addition valve for diluent and the Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV) is built into the tee piece. The exhalation lung has a multipurpose overpressure/drain valve and a manual addition valve for oxygen.

The back mounted counterlungs (BMCL) are the latest option. The lung set is slightly more than 6-liter total volume and mount between the harness and aircell. The ADV and tee piece have manual injection ports for the remote addition blocks. The inhalation lung has a drain plug for rinsing and the exhaust has an over pressure/drain valve. The exhaust counter lung has a unique water trap to keep water in the drain area so water can be dumped hands free. Water can be dumped while in a normal swimming position.

The remote addition valves can be configured as remote addition valves only or for expedition mode. This allows easy access to off board gas in emergencies or due to limited fills in remote areas.


The O2ptima CCR comes with a low profile DSV (Dive-Surface Valve). The DSV has twist lock connectors for easy inspection of one way valves and allow for easy cleaning after dives.

The O2ptima CCR can also be ordered with the Shrimp BOV (Bailout Valve) from Golem Gear. The Shrimp has become the standard for divers requiring a BOV.



The O2ptima CCR comes standard with either a TransPac XT or TransPlate XT harness and the custom designed CCR XT wing.

The CCR XT wing, with 40 lbs of lift, was designed specifically for rebreather divers. Its 360-degree design allows gas to flow freely, keeping both sides equalized. Its wide center section allows for the lift to be outside of the unit and not raising it on the divers back. The inflator is further out on the divers shoulder so it will not interfere with loop hoses and other rebreather components.

An optional bailout bladder, in case of a primary bladder failure, can be installed into the CCR XT wing. Also a 10 lb trim pillow can be installed. The trim pillow helps divers maintain optimal horizontal trim, even when wearing a wet suit or minimal exposure protection.

If a different harness or BC is desired the O2ptima uses 11” spaced bolts for mounting, which is the standard amongst technical BCs.



The O2ptima CCR uses a Kydex cover to protect the back of the unit from hazards of overhead environments. The Kydex cover gives the canister, hoses and cylinders hard shell protection and protect it from the hazards of an overhead environment by keeping everything tucked in. The peaks and valleys in most rebreathers can become snag points in wrecks or caves, the Kydex cover keeps this from happening. The O2ptima with a Kydex cover is thinner and shorter than a set of double 80’s and weighs less. Slots on the top and sides of the cover are ideal for adding pockets to hold ballast weight, if it is necessary.

The O2ptima CCR has a hybrid, light weight stand that combines stability and functionality. The stainless steel backplate contours like a set of doubles so it lays closer to your back. The canister mounts on the top and the cylinders mount beneath the canister to give the O2ptima a narrow profile. The support and foot are machined of a high impact lightweight plastic. It will flex but not bend when you sit down. The plastic foot is very boat friendly and has integrated mounting rails for accessories. The cylinders are held in place with cam straps and velcro straps, no extra cylinder hardware needed.



  • Electronics: Shearwater DiveCan with Petrel 2 controller and HUD
  • Loop Volumes:
    • Front mounted counterlungs: 5 Liters or 6 Liters
    • Back mounted counterlungs: 6.5 Liters
  • Scrubber: Extendair SR-081C Cartridge or 5 lbs 812 mesh granular
  • Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV)
  • Manual diluent and oxygen addition valves
  • Weight: 37lbs without tanks or scrubbing material
  • Recommended Cylinders: AL 13, AL 20, AA LP 27, AA HP 32, AA LP 13
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