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XCEL Mens Thermoflex Hooded Dive Vest 4mm Hood/3mm Vest

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Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with our Thermo Flex series – the epitome of excellence in dive suits. Renowned for being the warmest, lightest, and most comfortable in our lineup, this series elevates your diving experience to new heights.

The Thermo Flex suit incorporates Radiant Rebound technology throughout the body and hood, creating a thermal barrier that effectively locks out cold while ensuring your body's heat is rebounded within. This innovative feature guarantees a cocoon of warmth, allowing you to enjoy extended dives in chilly waters.

The multi-density vented hood is designed with precision, featuring a GlideSkin face seal and a contoured chin for optimal comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by cold water, as this hood is crafted to provide a snug and secure fit, ensuring you stay warm and cozy throughout your underwater adventures.

The Thermo Flex series takes protection to the next level with its completely sealed seam construction. This feature not only enhances the suit's durability but also prevents any unwanted water ingress, keeping you dry and comfortable beneath the surface. The use of compression-resistant eco foam further adds to the insulation, providing an extra layer of warmth without compromising on flexibility.

Embrace unrestricted movement with our latest Channel Flex stretch technology. This cutting-edge innovation ensures that the Thermo Flex vest conforms to your body's contours, allowing for natural and comfortable movement. Whether you're exploring underwater caves or gliding along coral reefs, this vest promises the highest level of warmth and comfort, enhancing your overall diving experience.

In summary, the Thermo Flex series is not just a dive suit – it's a commitment to unmatched warmth, lightness, and comfort. Dive into the depths with confidence, knowing that you have the pinnacle of thermal protection wrapped around you.


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