Scuba News by - August 2016

Scuba News by - August 2016

Posted by by Beth Beltramo on on Aug 4th 2016

Narc'd Up or Hot Merman Sighting? Fred Haemker

My X-GF said "wow did you see that mermaid down there?"... come to find out she was totally Narc'd on Nitrogen. It's also called the "The Rapture of the Deep". Sounds intriguing, fun and adventurous to those who are unfamiliar with the term. But to the knowledgeable diver we know this to mean Nitrogen Narcosis, or getting "narc'd." Nitrogen Narcosis refers to Nitrogen's ability to become narcotic under pressure, and produce a euphoric and anesthetic like effect on the body's central nervous system. These effects appear gradually and usually begin to appear around 100 feet or so. That being said, it is not unheard of for divers to report the effects shallower. Each diver has a different susceptibility to the narcotic effects of gases at depth, and therefore one should be careful to monitor themselves, especially when going deep diving. The biggest issue with Nitrogen Narcosis is that it slows one's thinking and increases problem solving time; if a diver cannot appropriately respond to problems under water, terrible things can happen. Therefore, it is prudent to make it a habit to be as conscious of any of these effects as possible.

El Nino is Dead SCUBA Sale!

Everything storewide AND special orders including custom BCD, Drysuits & wetsuits.

Dive computers 10% to 50% OFF including those new awesome color screens. Drysuits 20-50% OFF

Wetsuits 15% OFF
80% OFF Octopus with purchase of reg set

80% OFF mini SPG with purchase of wrist-top dive computer with transmitter.

Free boat tickets with drysuit system packages
Free rollerbag with purchase of head-to-toe scuba gear package.
Free nitrox fills for 2016 with purchase of Nitrox course & Analyzer
Free airfills for 12 months with purchase of tank
40% OFF Mesh bags
25% Giant Roller Bags
Pre-book 5 boat tickets and get the 6th boat ticket free
Visual tank inspections 50% off
Trade In any gear for additional discounts.
$25 off any specialty certification in September
$100 OFF Advanced Diver Certification for July & August
$100 OFF Rescue Diver Certification For September
Used dive computers starting at $100
Used Scuba Tanks at $70
Used Scuba regulators for $150 with SPG and compass.
El Nino is Dead SCUBA Sale Hours:
July 26th 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

July 27th 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

July 28th 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
July 29th 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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Earn your Emergency Oxygen Certification by Jeff GreenwoodHave you ever been in an emergency situation where you had to give someone emergency Oxygen? Would you know what to do? Well after taking the Emergency Oxygen First Aid course you will have all the skills needed to know what to do without causing more chaos.

Diving accidents occur from not diving within your limits or not paying attention to your air supply. A Strong diver not only knows how to care for themselves, but know how to recognize problems of others and respond with the appropriate care. Oxygen first aid provides needed oxygen to body tissues, enhances the elimination of inert gases such as nitrogen obtained from breathing gases, and helps shrink any gas bubbles that may have developed during ascent - bubbles that contribute to decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism. Supplemental oxygen also can help minimize or eliminate existing symptoms and reduce further injury until medical services are engaged.

So think about taking the Oxygen First Aid course offed at Eco Dive Center if you are not only looking to make your skill stronger but are looking to make diving more enjoyable and safe for others around you. Next call August 3rd 7pm at Eco Dive Center Normally $39 Call to reserve your spot in this fun PADI Specialty course. Normally $120 but this date is offered at $39. And YES it counts toward you Master Diver Rank. Ask us how.

Deep Diver Course 8/27th & 28th

As an Advanced Open Water Diver, you've been confined to a maximum operational depth of 100 feet. Sure there's a lot to love in that range, but 100 feet is still only scratching the surface of what diving has to offer you. There's a mystique to the deep and when you're a new diver just breaking through that 60-foot barrier feels like you're exploring to a new realm. The allure of going deep doesn't end when you've been there once. There are wrecks, unique coral and fish-sights you won't find anywhere else. Ask experienced deep divers and you'll hear the enthusiasm in their voices as well as the respect for the serious nature of deep diving.

In the Deep Diver course you'll learn about the physiology of pushing beyond the 100-foot range. Under the supervision of instructors who have the training and experience to guide you, you'll venture into the deep water and discover first hand what's there. After completing the course you will be prepared to plan deep dives down to the recreational limit of 130 feet and you'll know how to manage the special challenges of being there. Learn More

Wreck of the Yukon by Dylan Johnson

"Hey, look!" somebody yelled, pointing down at the water. "You can see it!" Sure enough, a blue-green glow stretched away to the southeast as sunlight reflected off the light-gray topsides of the HMCS Yukon 60 feet below us. "Boy, it's big!" The HMCS Yukon was a Canadian Mackenzie Class

destroyer, 366 feet long, 40 feet wide, with six decks and over 100 compartments. Recalling the first time I dove the Yukon four years after it was sunk holds a lot of nostalgic memories for me. In fact, it's what got me into technical diving, and later led to becoming an Instructor.What is known by many as the best wreck accessible to recreational divers in Southern California, the Yukon is an amazing dive that should be on your bucket list. It was gutted and cleaned before being sunk in 100 feet of water off Mission Bay in San Diego's "Wreck Alley," making it one of the largest artificial reefs around. The Yukon is the most intact wreck in Southern California and requires an Advanced Open Water certification to dive and Wreck Diver Specialty to penetrate (go inside) the wreck.Catch our wreck weekend adventure Wreck certification or Deep certification.

Video Of the Month: Torpedo ray attacks diver's camera!

Great local footage of scuba diver defending himself after provoking and Electric Ray.

DIVE RITE Products now at Eco Dive Center

We're proud to announce that we carry the complete line of Dive Rite products AND we're a premier DR center. Of which allows us to be more competitive over any competitor. Come on in to checkout all the newly redesigned DR gear!

Dive Center News!

Not only do we have tons of new brands, products, dive trips and instructors....

We're also a Pokemon Ball re-load zone.

What's new?1. New Brands DiveRite and DeepSeaSupply (soon on
2. New re-vamped and beef'd Up Boat Trip Schedule
3. Redesigned website
4. Redesigned website w/ coupons & loyalty discounts
5. We shop online with you and beat any Amazon price
6. Hired 4 experienced dive professionals from Sport Chalet
7. Partnered tropical trips with Blue Water Travel
8. Courses during tropical trips
9. Our compressed air has moved up in rank, from scuba grade to medical grade.
10. Our rentals have reached 130 sets of Scubapro regs and Suunto computers.
11. Come-in-store for your own personal discount coupon code.

Introducing DeepSeaSupply

DSS is committed to improving the diving experience with refined products that offer performance, value and ease of use. Sound design, the best available materials and sophisticated manufacturing are the ingredients we rely on to meet the needs of todays divers. Come see DSS products.
Side-Mount Course in Yucatan Caverns Trip #2 Mid-September
Let's do this. Let's dive some caverns and earn the new PADI Side-Mount Diver Certification. Limited to four participants, 4 day dive trip to Playa Del Carmen, hotel near the beach, dives, transportation and side-mount cert all around $600 plus airfare. Interested? contact Dylan at